Lionheart Proton Bullette Released

Lionheart Proton Bullette
Lionheart Proton Bullette

Lionheart Creations have today released their newest aircraft for the FSX, FSX:SE and Prepar3d platforms – Proton Bullette.

Proton Bullette is the single seat trainer of the 1930’s and 40’s.  The Bullette was a mix of the best of Germany’s aircraft era, sporting a fuselage that was quite similar to the Bucker Jungman with its bowed down engine cowling, allowing pilots to see over the cowling much better.  The wings were made similar to Junkers swept back wing design.  The propulsion was the inverted V-8 by Argus engine company featuring 245 HP.  The front cowling sported the famous scoop shape that was made famous by the Messerschmidt Me-108 and the Fieseler Storch.  Lastly, the B-37 model, the first model that went into production, featured flamboyant, full fairing landing gear designs that gave the Bullette a very ‘stylish’ 1930’s appearance.
The Bullette’s cockpit was very tight which would allow only so much room for instrumentation.  Some instruments were placed along the sides of the interior.  The aircraft also featured a very small set of wings that were a mear 4.87 Meter / 16 feet wingspan, making landings faster then your normal aircraft of that era.  With that, you had what could be summed up as a Messerschmidt Bf-109 and a Piper Cub, mixed into one, or perhaps a Bucker / Junkers collaberation to make a mini air-racer of the 1930’s.

You can get the aircraft from Simmarket for 18.90 euros, but if you are quick, you can save some money and get it for an introductory price of 14.10 euros (until 12 March 2017).