Flight School Update #7

Flight School Update
Flight School Update

Dovetail Games have just released an update for the Flight School.  This is now update number 7 since the release. It is worth noting that DA42 has received quite a number of fixes and additions.

Here is the change log:

– Performance – fixed low FPS when in using 2D GPS
– Dual core crash fix
– Updated/re-formatted control settings page
– Added a fix for 4k monitors (flight planner)
– Update PA28 flight model (turning behaviour)
– Various text updates (localisation)
– Improved control settings page
– Fixed Black tree’s (world)
– MEP02 Lesson – Switched off panel lights at start of mission
– MEP03 Lesson – Fixed issue with incorrect directional information given
– Scud Runner Mission – tidied up end success sequence and removed compass from end cinematic
– Midnight Express Mission – Updated VO trigger points

DA42 Updates
– External audio improvements
– External lighting (strobe/landing etc) improvements
– Fixed locking feature of cross-feed levers
– Added functionality to joystick autopilot cutoff button
– Added functionality to fuel transfer switches
– Added functionality to flood light knob
– Updated navigation light appearance
– Updated exterior engine audio
– Applied various cosmetic fixes/improvements
– Added functionality to ECU switches
– Added functionality to alternator switches
– Added Fuel tank selector fix
– Hat switch fix
– Interior light updated to help visibility of G1000.

If you have auto update turned on in Steam then the update will download automatically.