Embraer E-170LR Evolution for X-plane 10 Released

SSG Embraer E-170LR
SSG Embraer E-170LR

SSG (Supercritical Simulation Group) have just released an Embraer E-170LR for the X-Plane platform.

SSG have a lot of experience with bulding Embraer jets for X-Plane, and it shows in this release.  The modeling looks amazing, as well as the cockpit texturing.  Here are the listed features of this aircraft – also make sure you watch the release video below, it is really well done.


Advanced FMC and Navigation system

  • Custom-built FMC (done by FJCC)  designed for the SSG Evolution Series
  • SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches, flare and rollout modes.
  • FMC is compatible with AeroSoft’s NavDataPro and Navigraph navigation databases.
  • Manufacturer’s performance data embedded as tables in the fully functional FMC.
  • Option to use either a 2D pop-up (resizable) FMC or one within the 3D cockpit.
  • Custom radio communication audio consoles optimized for on-line virtual ATC operations.
  • FMC performance information based on real aircraft data, including calculated V-speeds.
  • FMC includes capability for autotuning navaid frequencies.
  • Vertical Situation Display (VSD) on the MFD.
  • Terrain display mode on the MFD, which is a part of the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) on the real aircraft.

High-Res 3D modeling complete with detailed animations and textures.

  • Realistic displays (PFD, MFD with system synoptics, and EICAS)
  • External lights and strobes operating realistically.
  • Display management similar to that in the real aircraft.
  • Autobrakes with anti-skid system that works in all conditions and includes a realistic rejected takeoff mode.
  • Realistic wing flex and other animations.
  • Window rain effects and animated wipers.
  • Option menu incorporated into the cockpit 3D.
  • Ground vehicles include a tow truck, GPU and airstairs.
  • Over 10 detailed liveries comes with the plane

Custom systems and Flight Model

  • Aircraft will meet most of the real aircraft’s performance data for consumption, AOA, speeds, flight dynamics, etc. in close consultation with real world E-Jet pilots.
  • Realistic 3D cockpit with high resolution.
  • Many systems are implemented with realistic logic, such as electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, engine fire extinguishing, fuel, wing and engine anti-ice (including automatic mode), communications, and TCAS.
  • Comprehensive autopilot functioning in modes similar to those of the real aircraft
  • First Officer’s MFD display is independent from the Captain’s, and MFD has a pop-up option.
  • EICAS messages based on the real aircraft’s with lists and scrolling

DreamEngine Sound System

  • 3D sounds with DreamEngine plugin.

Release Video

If you own the previous SSG Embraer model you can get a limited US$10 discount on this release. See here for more information and to purchase.  The price is currently listed at US$49.95.

Let us know what you think of this aircraft in the comments below!