PMDG DC-6 updated and MacOS compatible

PMDG DC-6 Updated
PMDG DC-6 Updated

PMDG have just released an update to their first X-Plane aircraft, the DC-6.  Together with the update, PMDG have also made the product MacOS compatible.  This now brings the version for both Windows and MacOS to v1.11.0045.

To update you Windows installation of DC-6 all you have to do is go to the download page on PMDG e-commerce site and download the new installation file.  Then just run it over your existing installation. MacOS version is available for purchase now.

Here is the full change log for the new version:

Version 1.11.0045, 27 June 2016

– Blurry VOR needles and gauge glass sharpened
– Mild texture adjustments

– Refined yellow ADF needles’ behavior
– Allow transmitting on Com1 or Com2
– AFE only activates main tank boost pumps Before Takeoff

– POH refinements
– Pilot Intro refinements
– Refined PFPX profiles, including one for the A model

– Flipped the headshake realism slider direction
– Mac OS X version is available
– Removed version strings from graphics

Version 1.10.0043, 10 June 2016

– 3D positioning of all engine sounds
– Open windows/forward right door now admit exterior sounds to cockpit, fade in/out with aperture
– Exterior sounds are doppler-shifted when the airplane is viewed externally
– Exterior sound volume fades appropriately with camera distance from aircraft
– Engine sounds no longer ‘pop’ when switching views
– Stall horn is silenced
– Stock fire warning bell overwritten with our own correct one
– Aspect ratio is included in exterior volumes (a bit louder in front of the plane)

– All light leaks hunted down and killed
– Geometry and coloring tweaks

– Increased texture resolutions: ceiling, sidewalls, glareshield, fuel dump, etc.
– Bolts, bolts everywhere!
– Improved gauge reflections
– Vibration of the whiskey compass
– Other vibrations added to various cockpit parts
– Artificial horizon corrected for level
– Ball corrected for level
– Little texture anomaly fixes and light leak fixes
– Gust lock housing tweak

– Modeled fuel volume within the lines so that switching to/thru an empty tank won’t immediately kill engine (oops!)
– Engine fire correctly causes engine damage
– Fire warning lights turn off when fire extinguishes
– Increased concentration of CO2 to slightly increase effectiveness as a suppressant
– ADF/RMI needle motion is smooth rather than sudden
– Cold&dark behavior of certain instruments is corrected
– Engines will still turn when mags are off
– BMEP gauges no longer ‘go crazy’ when cold&dark
– Inactive transponder won’t force off-side transponder to deactivate
– Carburetor damage no longer occurs when engine not running, more forgiving of high-OAT climates
– Cabin heater core temp is cooler and POH-compliant

– Tutorial revised with feedback from users
– Graphical livery installation instructions in Pilot Intro
– POH updates including aux blower

– Autopilot logic corrections
– Mixture levers restore correctly in saved scenarios
– Scenario no longer loads with incorrect control deflections
– Gust lock is unlocked before anything else happens, when loading a scenario

– Additional key commands
– Tweaked ‘fall-in compensation’ logic that applies to turns
– Tweaked ‘artificial dihedral’ logic that applies to banks

Version 1.00.40, 1 June 2016
– Initial release

PMDG have also announced that the conversion to FSX and Prepar3d is being worked on and that more information will be forthcoming later during the summer.