PMDG 747-400 II Enters the Tech testing Phase


Past two days have been very busy for PMDG with the release of the MacOS version of the DC-6 for X-plane, and now with the announcement that 747-400 Queen of the Skies II has entered the Tech testing phase.

Wondering what Tech Testing is?  Wonder not more, as below is the post made by Robert Randazzo of PMDG explaining the process:


A short note to let you know that tonight we have officially moved the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II base package for FSX and FSX-SE past an important milestone.

She is now being flown and tested by our team of Technical Advisors.

For those who haven’t been with us through this cycle in the past, or those who didn’t really notice it taking place last time, we operate with two independent testing teams:

Team 1: Technical Advisory Team is made up of industry experts to include engineers, technicians, operators, flight crew and others with intimate experience in the operation of the airplane.  These individuals conduct the first wave of testing on any new product because they have a tremendous reservoir of operational experience from which they can provide us with feedback on nearly all aspects of the airplane being modeled.

Team 2: Beta Test Team is made predominantly of simmers who have worked with us as testers for many years, along with a mixed bag of Tech Advisors from other products such as the 777 and the NGX.

There is no specific timeline for how long each of these teams will have with the product before it reaches release readiness.  Such decisions are made largely by feel and through our experience having created a number of products during the past twenty years.  The only thing that determines when the product moves from Tech to Beta and Beta to Release is the product itself.

When it is ready- then it is ready!

We have asked our Tech Advisors not to share any images of the product just yet- but I suspect we will remove that gag order pretty quickly.

Okay- I must get a few hours of sleep before the testing starts to fill my days with schematics, logic charts and reference materials…

As Robert said, there are no images to show as of right now, but we are hoping to see some very soon!

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