Imaginesim Release New York LaGuardia

Imaginesim LaGuardia
Imaginesim LaGuardia

Imaginesim have released the airport scenery for one of New York’s main airports – KLGA LaGuardia Airport. The developers have noted that the scenery features UltraHD custom made textures, realistic weathered and worn ground markings and runways, custom building shadows, stunning night lighting, SODE and AES compatible, thousands of hand-placed trees and lush 3D grass, airport software code optimized for increased performance, enhanced custom made hand-placed surrounding autogen, hundreds of apron service and support vehicles, complete non-generic runway and taxiway signage, unique concrete, tarmac and grass texturing, hundreds of custom made and hand placed parked cars, realistic taxiway centre and edge lighting, and is tested and approved by real-life airline pilots.

Product Features

  • 100% custom made textures
  • Realistic weathered and worn ground markings and runways
  • Stunning night lighting
  • Supported by Aerosoft’s AES
  • Airport software code optimized for increased performance
  • Interactive docking guidance system (DGS)
  • Apron service and support vehicles
  • Complete non-generic runway and taxiway signage
  • Unique concrete and tarmac texturing
  • Realistic taxiway centre and edge lighting

The product also comes with a demo version to allow you to try the scenery before you buy it.  If you do decide to purchase it, it will set you back a hefty USD29.99, if you purchase it through Imaginesim directly, or AUD$39.50 if you get it through The Flightsim Store.

Worth the price?  You tell us!