ORBX working on Dubrovnik scenery

ORBX Dubrovnik
ORBX Dubrovnik

Summer is almost upon us, and that means that soon we will all be frolicking on a beach somewhere exotic, or, as many of us simmers will do, we will be flying in and out of exotic summer destinations in our virtual world.  And that world will get richer by one more detailed airport – Dubrovnik (LDDU). Misha Cajic of ORBX announced that himself and Rasha Tucakov are working on bringing the “Jewel of the Adriatic” to our simulators.

Judging by the images released, the project is at a very advanced stage, so we can expect it out either just before the start of summer or in the early months of it.


Over 100sq km of photoreal coverage in 60cm resolution

 Unique multi-elevation airport model!

– Suitable for airliner operations

– New terminal currently under construction modelled

– FULL Dubrovnik cityscape included!

– Advanced AO baking techniques for realistic shadowing

– Custom vegetation at airport

– Large area surrounding the photoreal has been given custom landclass and vector roads and shorelines for the best experience

Only FTX Global required!

You can follow the progress of the project by checking out ORBX forum, or by checking back here.