ORBX announces Southern California

FTX Southern California
FTX Southern California

ORBX have announced that their NA Southern California scenery replacement package is now in the beta stage of testing. This is great news for all the simmers that have long been waiting for the same quality textures for CA as what we had for Europe and Canada for a while now.  The announcement was sent to e-mail subscribers and you can read it below:


We’re pleased to announce that FTX Southern California entered beta testing earlier this week after being in development since Norway was released. Holger has led a team which have pulled out all the stops to bring you a fantastic US West Coast region that extends south to the Mexico border and east to Las Vegas. There is a large amount of photoreal areas and POIs in this region and a huge variety of terrain with brand new ground textures as well.

Look out for many screenshots in the coming weeks ahead of the release before xmas.

FTX SCA will be P3Dv3-ready from day one, and we have several SCA airports already in development.


As you can read above, another great news is that several SCA airports are being developed concurrently to the scenery.

To accompany this announcement, Mark Abdey posted several great looking images of the scenery on the FTX forums.  You can see some of them here, but for the full album you can click here to go to the FTX website.

We are eagerly looking forward to this release!


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