Imaginesim releases KATL 2016 for FSX

Imaginesim KATL 2016
Imaginesim KATL 2016

The eagerly awaited Atlanta International Airport (KATL) has been released by Imaginesim today.  This version is only compatible with FSX, but Prepar3d and FS2004 version should be coming out soon as well. Here are the features of this “monumental” airport scenery:

  • Available for Prepar3Dv2/FSX and FS2004
  • 100% custom made textures
  • Realistic weathered and worn ground markings and runways
  • Custom building shadows
  • Stunning night lighting
  • Supported by Aerosoft’s AES
  • Thousands of hand-placed trees creating a lush outfield
  • Airport software code optimized for increased performance
  • New Concourse F modeled
  • Surrounding satellite photo mesh
  • Interactive docking guidance system (DGS)
  • Hundreds of apron service and support vehicles
  • Delta-Park assisted docking mechanism at every gate
  • Hand-placed custom autogen
  • Complete non-generic runway and taxiway signage
  • Unique concrete, tarmac and grass texturing
  • Over 7,000 custom made and hand placed parked cars
  • Realistic taxiway centre and edge lighting
  • Tested and approved by real-life airline pilots

One of the points FS2004 users will notice is that this product is available to them as well.  This is becoming quite a rarity these days as developers more and more are leaving FS2004 behind.

Also, the scenery is highly configurable, if you have a high-end machine you can crank up the settings and enjoy the sharp hi-res images, also, if you are in the other category, you can reduce the settings to make this huge airport run smoothly on your machine.

You can read more on this release by clicking here. The price is currently listed at US$32.99.

Let us know what you think about this release in the comments section below!

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