Preview of KSFO by Flightbeam

Flightbeam KSFO

Flightbeam released their second round of previews for their upcoming San Francisco International airport project.  The images look amazing. Full of details and crisp textures.  If you are worried about possible issues such as OOM’s or low frame-rates, Flightbeam had this to say:

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I would never release a product destined to fail in terms of performance, so this is already taken care of. KSFO HD is designed to use about the same, if not less VAS than KSFO legacy. Several key optimization steps were taken early in production to make sure this was under control.


On the possible issue of low frame-rates, this post here logically says that the frame-rates will suffer if you have a lot of add-on scenery installed for the area around KSFO.  Specifically if you have all of the Orbx scenery.  You may have to dial down your settings in order to achieve excellent performance.  If you do not have Orbx scenery then apparently your FPS will be excellent.

Now enjoy the work-in-progress images until this beauty is released.

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