FTX Central v2 released

FTX Central

A new version of FTX Central has been released by Orbx – aptly named FTX Central v2. You can download the new version, together with the updated orbxlibs file by following this link.


Hi all,

The latest Orbxlibs is now ready for downloading.

You can grab the latest update from the Support page https://www.fullterr…upport#orbxlibs

If you are using the new FTX Central, you should see the prompt to update your Orbxlibs. FTX Central will then download only the files that require updating.

Apart from some new library objects, the main addition to this new update is the inclusion of FTX Central v2. If you do not have it already installed, it will be installed for you.

FTX Central v2 runs independently from the previous version of FTX Central. Any Regions or settings applied in one version is not mirrored in the other.
Most of our Region installers as well as Region patch installers will call the old version of FTX Central and open it up. If this occurs simply close this pop-up and ignore it. Open FTX Central v2 to re-sync and Apply the region you wish to continue using.

Orbx have advised that the old FTX Central will no longer be updated so it is recommended that you start using FSX Central 2 asap.

Full announcement can be read here.


  1. Gentlemen
    I want to buy Orbx ftx trees and read that the installation needs no other products to install. On the lower side of the page I read Orbx is using ftx central V2 . Can I install trees without central V 2??????….. Also is Ftx trees useable in fsx se? I must say the trees look very nice on your trailers. Thanks in advance for your reply .Regards from sunny europe Henk van der Ven