FSX: Steam Edition – Cargo Crew Add-On

FSX Steam Edition Cargo
FSX-SE Cargo Crew

In this second exciting mission pack from acclaimed flight simulation developer Jane Whittaker, Cargo Crew challenges pilots to safely deliver air freight shipments against the clock, battling the forces of nature and unexpected mid-air trials.

Each mission starts in a newly liveried DC-3 aircraft, although any FSX: Steam Edition aircraft can be used. As you take off in one of the 20 included missions, you will need to be on high alert for aircraft malfunctions, heavy thunderstorms and the unexpected before mastering a tricky landing at some of the world’s favourite airports. Also included are hundreds of unique co-pilot voiceovers by Angel Heaven Lee to immerse you deep into the cockpit experience.


  • 20 nail-biting missions ranging from 30 minutes to three hours
  • DC-3 aircraft with updated flight characteristics and new ‘Cargo Crew’ skin
  • Custom assets including stricken ship and air-droppable medical supplies
  • Working air traffic control (ATC)
  • Pre-programmed weather settings varying from sunny skies to blizzards to thunderstorms.
  • Successful landings generate unique rewards added to the FSX Logbook
  • Unique co-pilot voiceovers by Angel Heaven Lee

Currently the pack is being sold at EUR16.99 for the add on alone, or EUR36.99 for FSX-SE, Cargo Crew + Dangerous Approaches Collection.

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