BluePrint KLAX coming soon


BluePrint Simulations will soon release an update to their Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) scenery.  The new version will be 2.1.2. This announcement came over their Facebook page, together with some preview images that you can see below.

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We will publish KLAX v2 in the next few days. KLAX version 2 is a significant re-work of BluePrint Simulations’ Los Angeles Intl airport scenery published in 2011. The new scenery depicts this important airport as it exists in the spring of 2015 and includes a 100% new 3D model of the Tom Bradley International terminal. Please visit our web site for detailed information about the scenery and numerous screenshots.

KLAX v2 will only be available to owners of our KLAX v1 scenery as a free upgrade. The upgrade installer will be available for download directly from our web site. Please note that KLAX v1.1.1 for FS2004 can only be upgraded to KLAX v2.1.1 for FS2004 and KLAX v1.1.2 for FSX can only be upgraded to KLAX v2.1.2 for FSX. This upgrade is cumulative and renders all previous upgrades obsolete and unnecessary.


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