Beta of new Couatl version by FSDT released


FSDreamTeam (FSDT) have released a beta of the new Couatl scripting engine for users to test before its full release.  This should be good news for many of you if you had issues with Couatl and the Addon manager previously. Some users were unable to install products due to errors caused by the scripting engine, and/or their anti-virus applications not allowing the installation to be completed.

Here is what is new with this version of Couatl:

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Fsdreamteam has been hard at work during the last month, in a complete rewrite of the Couatl scripting engine, so we are now releasing it as a Public Beta version to get some feedback on it. Most of the work has concentrated on mainly one thing: performances and reliability. Here’s a list of all the changes we made to the engine.

– Both the Addon Manager, and the Couatl engine now use the latest MS Visual C++ 2013 compiler so, compared to the 2005 version we used so far, it means that we’ll enjoy 8 years of compiler evolution and optimization. And, the reliance on a more updated and supported runtime library will probably result in better compatibility with all systems and other software.

– The Couatl scripting engine now use Stackless Python 2.7 as a language, compared to the 2.5 used by the previous version. This also results in much better optimizations, a faster interpreter, and less bugs related to the language itself.

– The Couatl engine now uses the wxWindow 3.0 GUI system (compared to the 2.8 we used in the previous version), which result in better-looking widgets and more updated code in general.

– Both the Addon Manager and the Couatl engine now feature a Taggant signature which should result in much better compatibility with antivirus products. The Taggant signature is an industry standard that has been designed to reduce the incidence of false positive alerts reported by antivirus programs.

– The Couatl program will not detect running processes that do global hooks anymore, which means no more “addonExecutable integrity compromised” error that appeared when used together with some 3rd party programs.

– The “Restart Couatl” function now supports FSX:Steam Edition

– Many minor fixes has been made to improve reliability in unusual conditions, like adding comments in the scenery.cfg or handling of quotes in the couatl.ini file, etc.

Since this is a very significant update, we would like to hear your feedback about it before making it official, so it’s possible to TEST IT in advance, without being an automatic update yet. To update to the latest Couatl version, download this version of the Stand-Alone Addon Manager installer:

This will update your existing installation to the Couatl 3 engine, without any need to reinstall other FSDT products.

Since this installer is using a testing URL for the download of the new set of files, the existing installers are not affected. This means, if you download or just run an installer you already have for any FSDT product, it will still install and download the existing Couatl 2 set of files.

We’ll be using this setup in the transitional Public Testing phase, until we’ll get more feedback about it, so if there are any issues with the new version, you can always revert to the previous version, by uninstalling the “Public Test” version of the Stand-Alone Addon Manager from the Windows Control Panel, and reinstalling the standard version which is still linked in all the Products pages.


Click here to see the original post at FSDT website, and cross your fingers and your toes that this new version is more stable than the previous one.


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