Call to Action – NVIDIA


As you are probably aware, the flight sim community has been waiting and waiting for Nvidia to finally start officially supporting Prepar3d from within Nvidia Inspector.  The rumours come up every now and again that with the next driver it will be done, but nothing ever gets released.

As per this post on AVSIM, there is something we can do to help ensure Nvidia takes action.

The post explains the process well, but here is a more visual explanation of what needs to be done.  If you are using a Nvidia card please take a minute and follow this guide.  You never know, it may help!

All the credit for this goes to Jim Driscoll who posted the steps on AVSIM.

1. Run Nvidia GeForce Experience application.  Click on ‘Send Feedback’ link located on the bottom right side of the screen.

2. On the screen that appears click on the ‘Select feedback category…’ drop down list.

3. On the drop down list select ‘Game detection and support’ and then select ‘Suggest a game we should support’ from the second drop down list that appears.

4. Now we need to select the Prepar3d.exe file. Click on the green plus button and navigate to your Prepar3d directory. Select the prepar3d.exe file and click ok.

5. Before you send the request to Nvidia, enter a comment or a suggestion into the comments box. Make sure you type in something that explains why we need the support. Then type your e-mail in the Email address field.

6. Click on the Send button and that is it. We are one step closer to hopefully getting Nvidia to listen and act.