PMDG releases NGX for Prepar3d


PMDG have announced a release of 737NGX product for the Prepar3d platform.  The release is compatible with Prepar3d v2.2 to v2.5, and it only works with P3D.

Release announcement in full:

PMDG 737NGX for Prepar3D:

Ah… at LAST….

Thank you to all of our Prepar3D customers for waiting so long for this release.  We know you guys have been waiting (literally!) for years- and it is nice to finally deliver what we promised back in 2012.

This release is compatible with P3D v2.2-v2.5.

For those wondering, we intend to continue making it compatible as further versions of P3D roll out.  Our hope is that somewhere in v3.x we will see an x64 version and then we can convert this one over for you.

Some folks have expressed concern about whether they should grab this version or “wait until an x64 version is available.”  If you are concerned, please don’t be.  Our current expectation is that you will get an optional x64 at some point during the P3D v3.x development cycle.  If they roll x64 to v4.x… then we will roll right along with them.

As we did with the PMDG 777 Series, we are offering temporary price matching to the FSX product line for a month- then the price will increase- so if you are thinking of getting Prepar3D someplace down the road, now is probably the time to do it because the price will go up on 06APR15.


At the same time an update was released for the FSX and FSX-SE versions of NGX.  This is update is not just a patch, but a complete new installer.  This will mean that customers will have to download the full installer from PMDG.

Announcement shown below:

PMDG 737NGX for FSX and FSX-SE:

This version is 1.10.6436 and we otherwise call it SP1d.

This is a VERY big update for the NGX series of products, which turn 4 years old in just a couple of months, and we are confident that it will breathe new energy into this, one of our favorite products!

There are so many changes that had to be made in order to make this product compatible with both FSX and FSX-SE at the same time that we had to toss out the previous installer and give you an entire new one.  This new installer, like it’s big brother from the 777 will allow you to install the NGX into either FSX, FSX-SE or BOTH at the same time.  It is entirely up to you!

There is no “patch” installer for this update, as the update is too comprehensive and covers too many changes.  Unfortunately this does servce as a bit of a knee-knocker for our customers on DVD and who have downloaded via Aerosoft- but we anticipate that by next week we will have the final details ironed out with Aerosoft to get you all taken care of. Give us just a bit more patience and we will publish the information you need to update your DVD or Aerosoft download version.

For those customers who purchased directly from PMDG, simply log into your PMDG eCommerce account and download the NGX.


You can click here to go to the source of this announcement.

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